Worms re-released on SEGA Megadrive, Nintendo SNES and Gameboy by Limited Run Games

Have you got a hankering to gather some friends together to blow each other to smithereens? Well you’re in luck! Limited Run games are now giving you the opportunity to relive one of gamings legendary local multiplayer offerings. Worms is now being re-released for SEGA Mega Drive and Nintendo SNES and Gameboy.

Originally released by the brilliant Team17 back in 1995, Worms has been reimagined time and time again but tends to stick true to its roots. Local multiplayer is at the heart and soul of every Worms game and none more so than the original Worms.

It had been awhile since we at HitStart had played this classic, but we recently covered it in our article on why retro games are simply better! So what has Limited Run got in store for those lucky enough to pre-order?

What is in the collectors edition?

Limited Run Games launches pre-orders for re-release of Worms on Megadrive, Snes and Gameboy

Not only do you receive a copy of Worms on the retro console of your choice, there are other juicy extras befitting any collectors edition. Inside you’ll find:

  • The Worms Collector’s Edition Box
  • The wonderful Worms Official Soundtrack
  • A beautiful 18″ x 24″ Worms Poster
  • A cute Mini Game Cart Keychain
  • Commemorative Metal Coin (Never sure what to do with these but they are cool)
  • A Worms Enamel Pin

We’ve bought many collectors editions in the past. From the amazing Sonic Mania collectors edition to the downright confusing Duke Nukem Forever Balls of Steel edition – and this one is definitely one of our favourites.

What is the difference between the console releases?

Worms on the SNES is great fun!

One of the most popular points of discussion for all retro gamers is which console did multiplatform games best. Frankly it fueled the console wars throughout the 90s and continues to do so to this day. But what can you expect from each version and which console has the best Worms release?

Generally speaking, the SEGA Mega Drive and the Nintendo SNES versions of this classic retro game are identical. The colours are rich and action looks as powerful as it always has. The controls feel good considering its age!

If you’re wondering which console will be best to get this game, you’d be best going for your personal favourite. However, if you’re looking to get Worms for the Gameboy this is where you’ll see the biggest difference. Featuring a dramatically reduced colour pallette and even simpler controls, Worms is just as fun as a portable as it is on a full home console!

Worms on the Gameboy is simple multiplayer chaos

This sounds great but… Is it worth it?

Are you a fan of Worms? If yes, then absolutely. It is a no brainer. Whilst the collectors edition doesn’t feature artbooks or historic pieces of insight, it has plenty of extras worth owning for the biggest Team17 fans.

Conversely, if you aren’t a fan of Worms then you might be better off looking to see if it is available on ebay for slightly cheaper. It isn’t a rare game but is worth getting for the multiplayer fun alone! As a side note the rarest entry in the series is the Directors Cut on the Amiga from 1997.

You can pre-order Worms at Limited Run Games now until April 10th 2022 so be quick! The cartridge comes in black or a delightful pink.

The Worms re-release comes in classic Black and a delightful Pink cartridge

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