Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 is one of the best RTS games ever released. Released back in the year 2000 by Westwood Studios, it is remembered for its live action cutscenes and absurd but highly entertaining gameplay. 

The game is incredible and well balanced for multiplayer games even today. Every faction between the allies and soviets has a special unit or structure that makes things that little bit easier. But just what is Red Alert 2 and Yuri’s Revenge?

What is Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2?

Red Alert 2 and Yuris Revenge Main Menu

Hailing from an alternative timeline from the original Command and Conquer: Tiberium Dawn (don’t forget to give our retrospective a read). Red Alert 2 tells the story of the soviet armies second attempt at world domination. With the ever powerful Yuri by his side, the Soviet Premier tasks the commander with taking the fight to the allies.

You play the role of that commander. After fighting as either the allies or soviets, you eventually take on Yuri as it becomes apparent that having a psychic aide that specialises in mind control on your side leads to problems of its own.

This is where the expansion pack, Yuri’s Revenge, neatly steps in. Boasting new weapons and a whole new faction, it adds a lot to your game. After the campaign is finished you can take your tactics to multiplayer to continue the fun. So how do you play multiplayer online with Red Alert 2?

How set up and play multiplayer online with Red Alert 2

CnCNet is brilliant - And Free!

Originally you would have been able to play it online with the Gamespy arcade, but it has been closed now for years. Thankfully, the guys at have built a tool to take these classic retro games online again. What will you be needing to get started?

Red Alert 2 and its expansion pack are not yet considered freeware. So you are going to have to have a legitmate copy of Red Alert 2 and Yuri’s Revenge. The easiest way to get this today is by buying it from the EA Origin store. However, for less than the cost of any modern game, you can get 17 brilliant Command and Conquer games from the entire series plus their expansion packs.

A bargain really!

Once you’ve bought and downloaded the Command and Conquer collection you’re ready to get started. Follow these easy steps.

5 Easy Steps to Playing Red Alert 2 online now

  1.  Visit and download the CnCNet installer
  2.  Once downloaded, install the application
  3.  During installation you will be asked where the original Red Alert 2 folder is on your harddrive (you did already buy and install Red Alert 2 plus Yuri’s Revenge right?)How to play Red Alert 2 online
  4. Once located, just click “Install”
  5. Wait a few moments for this to finish and you’re done! Just open the new application on your desktop or start menu for CnCNet and play online

The beauty of this installation is that ranked play and multiplayer become available again instantly. No sign up necessary for general multiplayer, but you’ll need an account for ranked play.

CnCNet is available now for Windows 7 through 11. Classic retro RTS’ have never been so easy to play! And whats more, it is completely free.

CnCNet can also play the entire Command and Conquer back catalogue before the shift to true 3D and also some brilliant Red Alert 2 mods. So what are you waiting for? Kirov reporting!

CnCNet is compatible with almost every variation of Red Alert 2 available including earlier games

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Anthony is a gaming advocate. He has been playing video games since the early nineties and has a real passion for the 16 bit era. He believes that every game deserves a chance (except Treasures of the Deep - which scared him as a child).


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